The Week Before Winter Break

The last week of school was the best week ever. We went to the Nursing home to cheer up the elderly with Christmas carols and Christmas cards. The Middle School class went around school giving the other classrooms hot chocolate and a pastry from Saint Lucia. We also put together an amazing tasting feast for the Board of Directors, school staff and the sixth graders and last we exchanged they’re homemade sweets they made for each other. We ended the amazing feast with Chef Extraordinaire (Vivek Talati) cooking us an amazing three course dessert.


Part of the Sungrove Holiday Tradition is going to the Nursing Home to sing carols and pass out homemade cards. We leave in the afternoon and have a blast. With the Upper Elementary class and Lower Elementary class accompanying us, there was plenty of people to cheer up the elderly people of the Nursing home. Another tradition is celebrating  Saint Lucia. The Middle school class makes homemade hot chocolate and gets cinnamon rolls and serves them out to the other classrooms. We have one person dressed as Saint Lucia and the others helping out to serve the fantastic food.


The best tradition of all is the Secret Santa Sweets Exchange. Starting at Lower Elementary going up to Middle School, each student picks a name out of a box and cooks up and a fantastic Christmas treat for them to eat. In Middle School we have stockings to put little Christmas goodies for our Secret Santa. At last, at the end of the last day of the year, we pass them out waiting for the amazing cheers.