Week of September 26, 2016

The Week of September 26, 2016, we started our local government map. Throughout the week, we watched Crash Course videos and learned about different types of government. In the first week of a map, the middle schoolers learn about the cycle and do most of the smaller projects and research. We have lots of lessons to educate us on our topic. We learned and presented different vocabulary words involving Government. The Humanity cycles are three weeks long, so the maps are now much longer.

On dscf2181Wednesday we had literature seminar where we discussed the book,

 On Thursday, we visited the Ft. Pierce branch of the library. The Middle Schoolers needed books for an groupdscf2189 assignment. Each groups consisted on three groups of two and one group of three. We researched one of the three types of government Monarchy, Democracy, and Autocracy.

The week of September 26, was a challenging week, but we learn a lot and had some fun on the way.