IMC Accreditation

IMC Accreditation

Sun Grove Montessori School achieved full accreditation status on May 23, 2016 from the International Montessori Council (IMC). Accreditation indicates to the public that we have voluntarily invited our practices to be compared with the standards of Best Practice established by leaders in the International Montessori School Accreditation community. This process will ensure we remain authentic in our practice, effective in our work with children, and worthy of public trust and confidence.
Studying Best Practice places particular emphasis on key aspects of school operation, particularly those related to the quality and integrity of the school’s educational program, as well as the health and safety of students and staff. The standards establish guidelines for policies, procedures and practices. Each standard is carefully laid out with indicators and question/evidence documents.

At least once every five years, an outside team of Montessori school professionals trained in the International Montessori Council School Accreditation Program visits the school to verify compliance with the standards. Unlike inspections by governmental licensing bodies, International Montessori Council School Accreditation is voluntary. Licensing focuses on the enforcement of minimum standards. Accreditation focuses on education and evaluation of a school’s operation using criteria and standards that will normally go beyond the minimum requirements of governmental regulation.

imc accreditation

The IMC Accreditation Self-Study Process Consists of Three Integrated Phases:

Phase 1
The school clearly defines its institutional identity, Montessori principles, enduring values and beliefs, and educational outcomes.

Phase 2
The School initiates a Self-Study, in which the school documents how it meets the basic characteristics and principles of Best Practice found in all excellent Montessori schools. This phase follows an objective self-study approach.

Phase 3
The School develops a written School Improvement/Strategic Plan, in which the school prepares an ongoing plan for continuing to move the entire school (educational program, faculty, administration, facilities, membership and enrollment, marketing and public relations, fund raising and capital resource development, governance, finances) closer to its ideal as set forth in its vision and blueprint.

Through accreditation we will continue to preserve the vision of our founding families by providing an authentic Montessori education to our community.
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