1st week of Animal Biology Cycle

This was a very exciting week. Last week we had finished the Civil War Cycle and we were now entering the Animal Biology Cycle. During this cycle we were going to learn all about animals cells and genetic. Tuesday, we took a trip to the Sunrise Theater to watch a show called Artrageous. It was really cool even though that some people weren’t as into as others. Artrageous was about a group of people who traveled around doing great pieces of art while singing

On Thursday, our class took a trip to the South Florida Science Museum. They had a temporaryhuman body exhibit which was made of real bodies! We went through the exhibit and we saw every thing from the nervous system to the reproductive system.

Afterwards we had a lesson with a staff member named Ms. Amanda. She taught us about DNA and genetics. She gave us each a strip of paper and told us to put it in our mouths. Two out of the nine of us were immediately disgusted and spit it out, but to the other seven people taste regular old paper. This was her example of genetics at work.

A little while later she took us into a room with four tables in it. On each of those four tables were dead spiny dog sharks! We went into groups of two and gathered around each of the tables. She showed us what to do and then it was our turn. One person from each group held down the shark while the second person made the first cut down the stomach. A few people were really grossed out while others were not as much. We looked at stomachs, livers, and even a baby shark. It turned out that one of the sharks was pregnant was it was caught. After dissection we tossed our shark away and was up. This was definitely a very memorable field trip.