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For more than 40 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving an authentic Montessori education for our students—results that go beyond testing and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

The staff, students, and Board of Directors have combined efforts to make our school and campus a warm and welcoming place to be, to work, to learn, and to visit. We hope you enjoy learning more about us through our website.

Our Principles

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Movement and cognition are closely entwined, and movement can enhance thinking and learning.


Learning and well-being are improved when people have a sense of control over their lives.

Self Direction

People learn better when they are interested in what they are learning.

Intrinsic Reward

Tying extrinsic rewards to an activity, like money for reading or high grades for tests, negatively impacts motivation to engage in that activity when the reward is withdrawn.


Collaborative arrangements can be very conducive to learning.

Hands On Learning

Learning situated in meaningful contexts is often deeper and richer than learning in abstract contexts.

Teacher Demonstration

Particular forms of adult interaction are associated with more optimal child outcomes.


Order in the environment is beneficial to children.


Sun Grove Montessori School achieved full accreditation status on May 23, 2016 from the International Montessori Council (IMC).  Accreditation indicates to the public that we have voluntarily invited our practices to be compared with the standards of Best Practice established by leaders in the International Montessori School Accreditation community. This process will ensure we remain authentic in our practice, effective in our work with children, and worthy of public trust and confidence.

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Our Mission & Vision

Sun Grove Montessori School seeks to create a learning environment that is conducive to the unique development of each individual and strives to foster a natural desire and love of learning.

  • World

    Our vision is of individuals and societies who: strive to lead a peaceful, harmonious life with others; accept and respect the diversity of the global community; are resourceful, responsible, and passionate about protecting the earth’s health and biodiversity.

  • Child

    Our vision is of children who are inspired to:  grow into responsible, empathetic, and peaceful adults; utilize creative, independent, and critical thinking abilities; demonstrate enthusiasm for life and learning; take initiative in endeavouring to fulfill their dreams.

  • Staff

    Our vision is of adults who: understand and support Sun Grove Montessori School’s vision, mission and philosophy; respect and nurture the growth of each child’s aesthetic, creative, ethical, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development; lead by example and embrace lifelong learning.

  • Parent

    Our vision is of parents who: strive to understand and support Sun Grove Montessori School’s vision, mission, and philosophy; desire a Montessori education for their children; work as ambassadors within our school and broader community.

  • Governance

    Our vision is of a Board of Trustees and administration who: actively support the school community by upholding the vision, mission, and philosophy of Sun Grove Montessori School; and who dedicate themselves to the study and implementation of “best practices” in all areas of governance.

Our History

montessori school ft pierce

Sun Grove Montessori School, Inc. was organized under the laws of corporation of the State of Florida, on June 7, 1978 and the first classes began in the rooms of the First United Methodist Church in Port St. Lucie. The following summer, dedicated parents, board members, and staff worked together to renovated a building on Dame Road in Fort Pierce that would be Sun Grove’s new home. There were 45 primary students and 15 elementary students.  The three original directresses received their Montessori training with Elizabeth Casparri,  who had been personally trained by Maria Montessori.

Seven years later, in 1985, Sun Grove’s administration and Board of Directors had the vision to purchase five acres in White City. Parents, board members and staff came together for the effort. The grounds were landscaped, buildings constructed and playground, gardens and classrooms were carefully designed. One building housed two primary classrooms and an office, the other housed elementary classrooms and a kitchen and multi-purpose room. The doors of the new buildings were opened and classes began at this location on September 10, 1985.

Ten years passed and Sun Grove’s parents, board members and staff observed the need in our community for a Montessori Infant/Toddler Program thus embarking on the first expansion at the school’s current location. Infant/Toddler classes started in the elementary multi-purpose room and moved into their new environment in September of 1995.

montessori school ft pierce
montessori school ft pierce
montessori school ft pierce

Sun Grove’s administration and board of directors saw a strategic opportunity to invest in 4.78 acres directly across the street on Oleander Avenue in 2004 and in 2006 decided to sell this property to further expand programs.

The dream of adding an authentic Montessori Middle School program became a reality in 2007. While waiting for a permanent home, the first Middle School class utilized the existing elementary multi-purpose room and it was not long before three concrete classrooms were purchased, delivered complete, and set as one building on the original property. One room was furnished and set up as the Middle School classroom. One room was designed to serve as the café and dining room for the Middle School’s business, “Wake Up, Montessori” and the third room was available for multi-purpose use.