Renaissance Fair

On February 22, 2016, Sun Grove Montessori School’s Barbara Scott Montessori Middle School class took a trip to Deerfield Beach where this year’s Renaissance Fair was being held. This was a special day for students only. At the entrance everyone was greeted by three employees who were dressed in this period’s costumes. When inside, we toured the grounds and saw many rides, games and shops. We voted to withdraw $20 for each student in addition to the money students brought for lunch and souvenirs.  Alex, Kimmie, Svetlana, Kimberly, Caroline, Grace, and Jack went into a maze while Vivek and Erynn tried their hand at archery. P1030311Everyone in the maze was calling for their friends after taking a wrong turn or two, but in the end, they got out alive. After we looked at the other games like balloon jousting, dragon slaying, and crossbow shooting we continued walking and saw a glass blower and other artisans.  We also came up to a fence where two men were demonstrating with swords, one was swallowing a regular size sword and the other man was putting a miniature sword in his nose. It was really fun to watch for some of us. Kimmie, Svetlana, Caroline, Erynn, Jack, and Vivek went on a ride powered by simple Machines. They had to push and pull to get the ride started then they could lay back and enjoy. While they were on the ride, Kimberly, Grace, and Alex shopped and watched a man perform music with many unusual looking instruments. At 12:30 Everyone ate lunch and it was delicious.  Caroline, Kimberly, Svetlana, and Kimmie got distracted in the middle of lunch and went to the climbing wall where if you got to the top of the wall the you got a hundred dollars! The catch was that the last three feet to the top was diagonal making it three times harder to get there. Sadly, when they got close to the front of the line it was time to go to the joust! While heading to the joust Svetlana, Caroline and Kimberly bought jousting pickles and they were the biggest pickles that some of us had ever seen. P1030349The joust was very entertaining and our section was cheering for Sir Robert. The four knights jousted on horses and battled with swords and spears. After the joust we did watched the Traveling Gypsies perform.  They performed really strange, but funny stories. The end of our adventure was spent looking around as we walked out. We saw angora rabbits and the person who owned them was selling their fur for 5$ for an ounce. they were very fluffy. After a long day of the Renaissance Fair Alex, Kimmie, and Erynn fell asleep on the way back to school. P1030354