Back to School after Winter Break

The Middle School class was excited to get back to school after an exciting winter break. The first day back, we had cafe, and once it was finished, we got right to work on the first cycle of 2017. This cycle was about the Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction. We were all intrigued by this topic, which plays a huge influential part in our country’s history. Because of the holidays and days off in the month of January, we had to work very hard. After our lunch break, we got to math, and settled as quickly as possible, because we had a two week break and needed to get back to work.

On Thursday we started our Scantron Performance Series Testing, which is quite time consuming. These are crucial tests, because these tests are submitted to the high schools that students would like to go to. This year there are seven eighth grade students, and all of them are going to different schools, except for the pair of twins in eighth grade. All of the students in Middle School have been at Sun Grove for many years, and this is a somewhat emotional year. For most of us, the idea of leaving Sun Grove hasn’t even kicked in yet, and it probably won’t until the first day of high school for the seven of nine students in Middle School.

This week we had an extension Friday, and in the morning we left to go to a ropes course and team building exercise in Fellsmere, which is near Sebastian. This was a very fun and exhilarating, and it taught us a lot of team building skills. We did a Leadership Reaction Course, which required the whole Middle School Class to work together to complete a course. We also did a high ropes course, which was extremely fun and required physical and mental strength to complete. Everyone did fantastic, and tried their hardest. Once we got back to school, we started working on yearbook. We have to meet our deadlines, so that the yearbook is produced in time for our typical distribution date. We all lots of fun this extension Friday, and throughout the whole week. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Written By: Vivek Talati