Second Week Back

This week was the second week back from holiday break. It is the middle of the Civil War, and Reconstruction Cycle for Middle School students. All of the Middle Schools students are working on journals about a person in the Civil War time period. This week students continued to advance in math and Spanish as well. This week we also had our Open House. At the Open House parents were able to walk around all of the classrooms and take a look at all of the work that the students did. The parents could also ask questions about the classroom, and incoming families got to take a look at the school. The Open House was a big hit and many people were very impressed by the school.

We also had art with Ms. Angie on Friday to make art for the Open House. The Middle School students also saved the tree in front of the Middle School building. The tree continued to fall down ever since the hurricane. The students dug a deeper hole in the ground and transplanted it. Then they put dirt and mulch down on the ground around the tree. Overall this was another great week, with art, the Open House, and saving the tree in front of Middle School.