End of Civil War and Reconstruction Cycle

This is week in Middle School was very exciting for it was the last week of our Civil War and Reconstruction cycle.  This week everyone worked really hard to  make sure their work was in on time, their presentations were up to standard, so that studying was easier. There was a wide variety of  projects consisting of prezis, clay models, 3D models, powerpoints, some people just started singing and rapping. This cycle taught us about how the civil war started, how they handled, and how the reconstructed america to what it is today. We also practiced doing meditation, and creative writing through journal. We have done journal and meditation since the beginning of the year, and it helps us be more peaceful and in tune with our bodies and helping us with writing better essays. This week was especially amazing because we came together as a group and played games such as air balloon soccer, basketball, and a fun tag game in the nature trail, where we are inspired by the nature to be better people. The middle school class has started playing games with the younger kids like basketball and tag.  Overall,  this week was great because we had so much fun teaching each other about a big part of american history, playing with younger friends and coming together and being nicer to one another. Have a great day!