Week of 9/5/16

This week in Middle School was cut short due to Labor Day. This week was crowded with activities. We made enchiladas in Spanish class, a test on Thursday, and a field trip on Friday. This field trip was to help us Middle Schoolers better understand how to make a perfect Yearbook. We also had a birthday luncheon for the students who were born in August and September.


On Tuesday, we had a student luncheon for the students who recently had a birthday. Every student, accept the birthday students, brought in something for this month’s luncheon. For example every one brought stuff in for tacos, which were very good.


On Thursday morning, we started our very first test of the year. This test was all about the Native American Indians. We had to learn vocabulary, different tribes, different creation stories, plus more.


We have spanish every day except Friday, so on Thursday, our spanish teacher, Ms. Angie, decides that we should lea20160908_144157rn more about Spanish Culture. We made enchiladas. We made thes20160908_144348e enchiladas from scratch, we learned how to make the sauce, the chicken, the tortillas and much more. We then took some time to pass them out to the Middle School teachers, then we all ate them together, the majority of the class loved them and thought we should do this more often.


Then on Friday, we went on a field to Orlando to learn more about yearbook. We learned how to make our yearbook better and how to better understand the software that we are using. Herff Jones hosted this event for us.


So as you have read the Middle Schoolers have been very busy this week, but who’s to say it has not been fun!
By: Grace Dermody

Sun Grove Montessori Middle School Student