Week of 8/29

This week in Middle School was such a great week! On Monday the students got together for a class meeting and discussed things about Cafe, upcoming field trips, and more. This week was also the first week for our humanities cycle and all of the middle school students were busy starting to work on their assignments and their presentations. Tuesday morning began the first big wave of heavy duty working and it was very exciting! Students later presented their information in my different ways such as; a scavenger hunt, an exciting tribal dance, posters, power points, and short films. Tuesday afternoon was also fun because of a new math lesson that most students received which was all about negative exponents. The students involved were supposed to work on a follow up assignment which they completed right away!

On Wednesday students came together to discuss “The Right Stuff” a novel by Tom Wolf. Middle School students have been reading this book and meeting on a frequent basis to talk about it. Students fill in an assignment card with five questions with references to pages and things that happened in the book. Sometimes conversations can get heated but are always interesting! During their free time, Middle School students went out on the playground and enjoyed the great day with Upper and Lower Elementary. On Thursday afternoon Ms. Terri gathered the students after lunch time and conducted the weekly event of “Puzzles”. Every week, students fill out a card filled with math problems and present how they got their answers on Thursday afternoon. Middle School ended their week as they always do with a yearbook meeting where the Middle School students and Ms. Sam brainstormed ideas for the upcoming yearbook and it was successful! Overall this week was amazing and everyone worked hard!