2nd week of school

These are some of the artifacts that were found off the coast of Florida from the Spanish Fleet that sank.

This week we started our first humanities cycle which is a Native American Indian theme. We also had literature seminar on a book called “Who Moved my Cheese?” On Thursday we took a class trip to the Fort Pierce Historical Museum. When we arrived the fist section was on the treasure ships that sank off our coast, hence the Treasure Coast. There were pieces of poetry, silver ware, gold, silver, and many other artifacts from the sunken ships. Next we moved to the section on the Seminole Indians and learned about what type of clothing they wore and their types of shelter. Jack and Viren both tried on the Seminole clothing. We then moved into the section of the

This is a picture of a model of a Spanish ship like the ones that sank off the coast of Florida.

early settlers. We even went to a house that was from the early 1800’s. We also did some yearbook work, we discussed what theme pages we wanted to make and planned them out. We also worked on our yearbook beat sheets, which is when we need to turn in three pictures per week. We also had a second yearbook meeting. We participated in PE on Friday. We watched a documentary on Native Americans and their history.

We also continued with afternoon math and Spanish, In math three of our students are currently working to complete the algebra 1 course by the end of this school year, while others are working on pre-algebra. In Spanish, students are working on translating a song from Spanish to English and are getting ready for our first Spanish quiz.

This is a Painting by A. E. Backus at the historical Museum
This is a Painting by A. E. Backus at the historical Museum 

Overall we had a great second week of school, and look forward for another great week.