Kennedy Space Center Trip

During the week of the 12th, the Middle School Students stared a new cycle. For the next two weeks we were going to learn all about astronomy.

In our first week of the new cycle we learned about quarks, atoms, elements, and the big bang theory. Thursday Afternoon, we left at 2 o’ clock  to take a two hour trip to our overnight at the Kennedy Space Center.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by our tour guide, Choicey. Choicey talked about space shuttles and 20160915_164752rockets, then sent us on a scavenger hunt through the rocket garden. After about a half an hour in the rocket garden we walked to the auditorium, where we talked to a real astronaut named John Blaha. John Blaha told us about the space station he worked in, gave us a lot of advice about how to read fast and remember what you read, and answered some of our questions.

The sun was setting after we were done, so we all went to dinner, where they were serving salad, pasta, and corn dogs. Once we were done washing up from dinner, Choicey took us on a shuttle launch simulator. It was a lot of fun and actually felt like we were being shot up into space. Everyone enjoyed it.

20160915_213214Choicey then  took us to a museum where we saw the real Atlantis orbiter. Choicey explained about how the orbiter was built. She also explained a little more about how astronauts lived in the space shuttle. We touched a real engine and wheels that were used on the Atlantis. We watched a documentary about what the Hubble telescope took pictures of and then, it was off to bed.

That night we slept under the Atlantis, it was amazing.20160915_211227_hdr Except for the games  going off every five minutes, which made it harder to sleep.

The next day we packed up and toured around the Space Kennedy Center for a few more hours. We toured on a bus where we saw the launch sites, where they build rockets, and the largest Bald Eagle nest. Then we took another two hour trip back home. We all had a great time.