Week of 9/19/16

This week in Middle School was a good one.  This week was the first day of Fall, even though it didn’t feel like it. We had the first day of Wake Up Montessori cafe, map Presentations, our theme test for the astronomy and science of life map.

Tuesday was the first day this year of our middle school class’s breakfast cafecalled Wake up Montessori.  The groups for this week were Jack Fraser as cashier, Kimberly Locke on smoothies, Caroline Locke on eggs, Svetlana Stephens as sandwich maker, Kimmie Fryer as server, and Ms. Terri.   Ms. Terri helped with ovens because a student was sick and could not work.  The week went great and all the students/customers that came in, loved the food.

On the last week of ocafe-2ur map cycles the middle school students present many projects and assignments that they created with research to their peers and teachers.  This week the presentations were amazing! Students presented many things such as posters, games (a board game and jeopardy), an animation, a puppet show, power points, and a few Prezis.

This week on Friday we also had our theme test for the astronomy/science of life map that we had been working on for the past two weeks.  In this map we studied hard on  space, the scientific method, atoms, and the Periodic Table.  We also had an amazing overnight trip to the Kennedy Space center in Cape Canaveral where we slept under the space orbiter Atlantis.  In the test, all of the stuff we learned from our research, assignments, field trips, and from our peers was put into it.  Everyone did great on the test and learned a lot.

In conclusion this was a great week, as a whole, the middle school learned a lot, worked hard, did great on the test, and had fun.