Week of 10/10/16

This was a great week. From saving our beloved “cotton candy” tree to passing our local studies test we had a lot of fun. We had our weekly Monday meeting and got right to work. Cafe was very busy and also delicious. We talked about The Old Man And The Sea and Ms. Sam made it very interesting. Math was great with everybody working on different types of algebra. We had to get readscf2180dy for the big test coming up for humanities. Local studies was a great three week cycle and now it comes down to the test. Spanish was also very exciting and kept us very interested. The test turned out great and some students finished early so they went outside to fix our “cotton candy” tree. During the big, great Hurricane Mathew our cotton candy tree collapsed and our middle school students decided that they wanted to fix it. We tied it up and with the help of another parent we fixed it and it is back producing “cotton candy berries” for the students to enjoy. We had fun with math puzzles and Ms.Terri taught us well.We also created a new great game for our playtime called soccer balloon. The point of the game is to try to not let the balloon touch the ground.