Science Week

This week was a very exciting week, because all of the students were doing science experiments. From drones to testing electrolytes in Orange Juice and Gatorade. Cafe was very busy this week. Thursday was especially busy, and somewhat chaotic for the crew working in coffee shop this week. Movie Night was very busy and the students had lots of fun with their friends watching the movie.

Caroline Locke working on her Science Experiment.

This week was the first week of the science cycle and everyone was going gun-ho to get their work done early. Vivek Talati was working on a drone experiment and his drone was zooming around the back of Middle School. Grace Dermody and Kimberly Locke tested to observe if the amount of electrolytes in OJ are more than in the sugary sports drink Gatorade. Kimmie Fryar was testing to see if salt water rusts a penny faster than tap water. Jack Fraser was testing the amount of calories in Hershey’s chocolate bars. Anand Rajesekhar was testing to see if a dark color garbage bag heats up water the most. Svetlana Stephens was doing a crime scene chemistry test. Caroline was testing to see if space sand would separate the elements in grape soda. Last but definitely not least Viren Talati did a fingerprint test to observe whether siblings usually have the same type of fingerprint. All of us had lots of fun doing our projects, and created fantastic papers on them.

All of the students at Movie night watching the fantastic movie Rio.

Wake Up Montessori Cafe was busy as usual, the group working was slammed and had to work together very well. They all came together and stayed on time and got all of the students to class on time. We were very happy for Cafe to be over at the end of the week, because we were all so tired and our energy was almost diminished.

This week we also held our awesome Movie Night. The kids had a blast watching Rio. Everyone loved watching the birds in the movie fly around. The kids were so enthusiastic about coming to Movie Night to have fun with their best friends.

This week was an awesome week, and we all had lots of fun with our science experiments at cafe and at the movie night. From our exhilarating science experiments to our bustling breakfast shop, this week is the best one yet.