Week of 3/27/17

This past week the middle school students went on their annual camping trip. We rented palm island at the Savannas. On this camping trip these students did a build project which was a table. This table is ten feet long and looks amazing. The camping trip was two days long and was very fun. This week was also the end of career and personal exploration cycle. This cycle 8th grade students went on internships of their choice.  On the camping trip students got to bring bikes to explore the area. Middle School Students learned how to set up camp and put up tents. Some of the tents were missing parts so some students had to improvise when setting up their tents. All of the students had a blast at the camping trip and really like the table. There was a bike path nearby for us to ride on. We came back on Friday and students were able to leave at 11:30.

Middle School Student Jack Fraser interned with a day trader and learned many things including how to use indicators to predicted what will happen in future markets and when to buy and sell. He learned what a moving average is and how to use them.  He had a great time interning and learn a lot.

Middle School Students Vivek Talati, Caroline Locke, Viren Talati, and Jack Fraser are cutting wood for the table on the camping trip.
This is the finished product of the build project at the camping trip.

Overall this was another great week for the Middle School Students on the camping trip. The table is very good looking. The table took one full day to complete. The 8th grade students all had a great time on their internships this week. The Students learn many things about building and camping.