March 2017

The Middle School students accomplished a lot this week. We started by getting one of the biggest projects in the Middle School done, to earning spring break by finishing our Science Test. This week, the Middle School students presented all their hard work from the week before. Different groups presented their own different things. One group presented a maze in the natural trail. Another group presented with a scavenger hunt and also showed what DNA looks like by making a model out of Twizzlers
and marshmallows and the last group presented with a PowerPoint and built a life-size RNA model.

This was also buckle down week. It was the last week of the yearbook before the Middle School students had to turn it in. The Middle School students and with the help of Ms. Sam pushed through and was able to turn the yearbook in. We also decided what we were going to make to present at the Gatsby Gala Auction. To find out what we are going to be making, read the next couple of blogs and you will find out.