Second week of the Industrial Revolution and Immigration Cycle


This week in Middle School was such a great week! This was the second week of our Humanities map about the Industrial Revolution and Immigration. This week we were busy working on assignments and presentations. On Monday the students got together for a class meeting and discussed things about Cafe, upcoming field trips, and more. This week was really fun because on Tuesday, we visited the Fort Pierce library in search for the perfect book. We researched immigration for our research paper we were writing. In the second week of a Humanities map, the students work on research papers, projects and assignments. This week was the busiest of the cycle.  

On Wednesday students came together to discuss “90 Miles to Havana” a novel about cuban immigrants. Everyone really enjoyed the book, it related to our studies and was interesting. The narrator, Julian, showed a child’s view of the Cuban Revolution and life in the overcrowded camps where children of the Pedro Pan airlift landed. Middle School students started reading this book this cycle and meeting on a frequent basis to talk about it. Students fill in an assignment card with five questions, factual, interpretive, and evaluative. On Thursday afternoon, We did our “Puzzles”. Every week, the students fill out a card with math problems and present how they got their answers. On friday, our school had a “Teacher work day”. On these days, the students stay home and teachers and parent volunteers improve the school. We had a very fun week with lots of work.