Week of February 6th

Week of: February 6th

This week in middle school was very busy.  It was the start of our three-week humanities map about the Industrial Revolution and immigration.  We had art on Friday with Ms. Angie, where we worked on our schools display for the Saint Lucie County fair.  On the same day, we had an extension Friday to work on this years yearbook.

On Monday we were given our work for our new map about the industrial revolution and immigration.  Because it was a three-week map we were given a lot of work therefore it was a very busy week.

Tuesday was a normal cycle day.  We work hard in the beginning of the cycle so that we can get our stuff done on time.

Wednesday we had literature seminar, and Thursday was a normal map day.

Friday was a very busy day for the middle school students.  We had a long day of yearbook work, art, and P.E.  Middle School has a very busy schedule on Fridays especially in February with the yearbook deadline coming up.  For art we started working on our fair display that could win the school money.  The theme for this years displays was Florida history, so we did a Highway men style mural and a boat for people to ta
ke pictures in.  In the afternoon we had P.E where we first helped Coach Tony with the Lower Elementary students.  We played a game with PVC pipes, it was very  fun.

When we got back to the classroom we did yearbook until about 8:00, we had one of last years students come and help us with the yearbook, and a lot got done.

This was a very productive week and next week will be even better.