Week of Jan. 30th

Week of: January 30th

This week in Middle School was fun, like always. Monday we had a fun spanish twist, Tuesday was like any ordinary day, Wednesday we presented our projects, Thursday we had a test and Jump Rope for Heart we also had the Ned Show, and Friday was our day off from school. We had a busy week in Middle School.


Monday we went to a Colombian restaurant called La Paisita, located at 882 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St Lucie, FL 34988,for spanish class. We all had a great time enjoying different foods. Ms Angie, our spanish teacher, had all of us order in spanish. We all tried our best and said the right things, with some help. Everybody loved the food and we all had a wonderful time.


Then on Wednesday we all presented our science project and our Who am I? Projects. There were some interesting animals presented. There were some very cute ones too. The Who am I? projects are very interesting and fun, every body in the class picks an animal and they do some basic research on the animal they chaose, then they come up with at least five clues to ask their peers. Once they present us with the clues we try and guess their animal. It is very fun, some people even got it right on the first try. We also presented our science projects. The Middle Schoolers create three science projects a year, we are proud of all the great ideas, projects and presentations we create.


On Thursday we had our test and Jump Rope for Heart. Out test was on Cellular Biology and Comparative Anatomy. At the end of every theme map (our work cycle) which normally last from two to three weeks, we have a theme test based on all the information that the Middle School student presented during the weeks of that map. Jump Rope for Heart is a great way for kids to get active and help save a heart. Toddlers through Upper Elementary participated in this wonderful fundraiser, we were the ones who were running it. We created obstacle courses for the kids and we jumped rope with them too. Friday was our day off.

The Ned Show was a show to encourage students to be champions at school and in life. It was a motivational program that has been performed all around the world. Channing, the woman that ran the show, explained to us that Ned stood for never give up, encourage others, and do your best! During this show Channing had a contest where she asked a few people a question and the best answer would get a prize. The prize went to Tabitha Carpenter. She won a yoyo signed by Channing, a yoyo holster and a piece of paper on how to do tricks.


So we had a fun week up in Middle School, can’t wait till next week. Have a great long weekend and see you next week.