Week of 4-17-17

Blog of 4-17-17


This week in Middle School we did a lot of things. We started our expert project, we started scantron, visited the library, and the last day of the week we did not have any school. We had a lot of fun this week.


We started expert project. Expert project is where the we get three weeks to pick a topic of our choice and write a paper, and throughout this entire process we have little assignments due on the way. We have an expert project once a year and this is the 7th graders first time writing one.


This week we started scantron on thursday. Scantron is a test that all the students from 1 grade to 8th grade take to help the teachers know where you are in school. Scantron covers all topics in school from history to science to math plus more.


We also went to the library for our expert project. Throughout this three week period we get to complete our expert project and we go to the library at least twice. So far we have only been once. At the library we look for books that can be useful to our topic and we take notes on all the information that we collected from the resources we found.

So this week we had done a lot of fun and interesting things. We went to the library for our expert project which we started this week, and we started scantron. We also did not have any school on Friday which was a teacher’s work day.


Written by

Sun Grove Montessori Middle School Student Grace Dermody

Edited by

Sun Grove Montessori Middle School Teacher Sam Schroeder