The Week of The 10th

Week of the 10th was sadly ended short due to Good Friday. It was also the last week of our Human Anatomy cycle, meaning the theme test was pushed a day early, to Thursday. During this cycle we had many experts come in and talk to us about Computer Safety, and teach us about CPR training, but we also had a resident of Dr. Talati’s come down and talk to us about Sexual Development. This was very awkward for everyone. Then we separated into girls and boys and talked to our teachers/resident. The following day we each took turns presenting the  key concept picked. We researched the key concept of a topic either about physical or mental health of a human. Like one of our student present about drug and alcohol abuse or another presented on community health. This taught us a lot about what we should and should not do when we are older. It would also taught us what to do if we or someone we know has these problems. This cycle did end awkwardly, but it was helpful cycle that prepared everyone for whatever the world threw at us, and that is exactly what middle school is supposed to do. Teach us about the problem of the world and how not to help support them.