Another Exciting Week in Middle School!

This week in Middle School was very exciting. Almost every week in Middle School is filled with fun events that our students either host or attend. This week in particular we learned about internet safety, we got CPR certified, and we hosted the school’s monthly pancake day. The internet can be a wonderful place to learn, play games, and talk to your friends. Unfortunately, there are also predators, identity thieves, and others online who may try to harm you. We learned all about how to be safe online. Here are some helpful tips that we learned during the presentation:

  1. The first tip is to never meet someone who you only know of online. It is very easy to pretend to someone that you are not online.
  2. The second tip is think before you post! If you would not want your Mom, your grandparents, or your teacher looking at that Facebook post, then don’t post it!
  3. The third tip is to not put too much personal information online. Do not post your address, full name, or phone number.

Another exciting event that took place during this week was our CPR and First Aid training. It is very important to be certified in CPR and First Aid because you could save someone’s life. Our training took place over a course of a day, an over instructor was very patient and a couple of weeks later, most of the class received their certification cards. Towards the end of the week our monthly Pancake Day was hosted by the Sea Turtle Cafe. Pancake Day is a wonder tradition loved by all and is certainly the busiest day of the month.

This week was educational and slightly stressful, but it isn’t Middle School if we all aren’t all little bit stressed! Thank you for reading, Middle School.