Week of May 12,2017

This week was filled with excitement was we went on our Adventure Trip. We visited Aquatica, Wonderworks, and Weeki Wachi Springs. On Tuesday we went to Aquatica and had a lot of fun! There were many different slides that everyone tried. It was also very hot and we were walking a lot, but we cooled down by splashing in water and going down slides. Some people tried new things and were very brave. We stayed there for most of the day and in late afternoon, we traveled to our rental house. It was large for all of us and was Disney-themed with the rooms decorated with various Disney pictures and toys. There was also a Transformers-themed room upstairs. There was even a small pool in the back porch, which we swam in. After unpacking, a group of us and Ms. Terri went to Publix and purchased ingredients for our stay. Another group of us made a delicious taco dinner for everyone. After eating, we played some games for a long time before going to bed.

The next day presented more enjoyment for us as in the morning, we went to the neighboring clubhouse. The clubhouse included a gym and a large pool with games, but everyone played in the pool. We played games like volleyball and asked each other questions. We were a little tired by the time we left and returned to our house for the afternoon. One group of us prepared lunch before our trip to Wonderworks, which is an upside-down house with many activities inside from controlling electricity, feeling the force of hurricanes and earthquakes, to mind-controlled balls, a bed of nails, and astronaut training. Everything was really cool and it was a very nice experience learning different things. After doing the regular activities, we walked down to the first floor to attend a dinner show. The dinner show was accompanied by many people and the food was pizza and salad. A magician entertained us by making many jokes and performing funny acts that a lot of us enjoyed. After filling ourselves, we went to the arcade to play laser tag. The game was fun and all of us tried our best and did well. Before long, the match ended and all of us had to play the rest of the games. We entered a room to watch a 4D video of the Great Wall of China. 4D is where you feel like you are in the place you see. There was cold air and the seats were shaking to provide the effect of us riding on a bike through the Great Wall of China. After that, we played in the arcade. There was also a ropes course that most of us went on and completed successfully. There were many games that we enjoyed and with our remaining tickets, we bought items from the shop. Soon, we had to return to our house and it was time to go to bed. We were tired, but satisfied by having had lots of fun.

The next day, we embarked on our visit to Weeki Wachi Springs, where we saw a mermaid show, wildlife show, took a boat ride, and swam in the springs. We ate lunch first at the cafe and then walked to the building where we saw the show. The building was moved into the spring a while ago and the mermaid show came with it. The bottom of the building was situated 16 feet below the surface of the water. The mermaids danced underwater and performed tricks as the fish swam everywhere. After that, we walked towards the building where we saw the wildlife show. We got to look at different Floridian animals and learned some things about them. Some even had the chance to touch a young American Alligator, which was really cool. The airboat ride was our next activity, where we rode on an airboat through a swampy area with many trees, shallow water, and mullets. There were also different birds like the Ibis and a Grey Heron that we saw. After spending a day in the sun, we swam in the springs to cool off in the cold water. There was also a water slide that some went down. It was a nice time to relax and swim after doing activities. We visited the gift shop after swimming and bought items for our parents for Mother’’s Day. The shop was filled with many household items showcasing the different aspects of Weeki Wachi Springs like cups, ornaments, shirts, hats, keychains, candles, and more. After purchasing our items, we headed back to our house for the night, where we had pasta and vegetables for dinner. Everyone had fun that day and as we slept in our beds, we prepared to leave the next day, where we packed and reorganized everything.

The Adventure Trip was an exciting experience for all, because everyone had fun and learned new things, as well has experiencing new things. We concluded our trip with happiness and we departed from Orlando and returned to Port St. Lucie. This Adventure Trip was very amazing and will be remembered with happiness.