Week of May 1, 2017

This week in Middle School was very exciting. Everyone was busy working on their expert project and finalizing their papers for our 2nd draft deadline on Wednesday. The 2nd draft, which included the conclusion, expanded outline with ITN, and visuals were all due.  Along with work, we had many exciting events. We had a birthday luncheon,  visited the restaurant, Costa Azul for our spanish class, and had a “May the Fourth be With You” themed Pancake Day.

On Tuesday, we had a birthday luncheon for Kimberly and Caroline. We have a birthday luncheon on the first Tuesday of every month. Everyone brings in food and we have a big feast.

This week was our last week of spanish, to celebrate, To celebrate, on Wednesday we visited Costa Azul, a mexican restaurant in Fort Pierce. We ate there as our spanish test and had to order in spanish. Everyone did really good and improved a lot on their spanish throughout the year.

On Thursday, we had our last Cafe day, which was a pancake day. Since it was May 4, we decided to make it Star Wars themed, hence the name “May the Fourth be With You”. The 6th graders helped us in the kitchen and learned more about how Cafe works. Some people wore Star Wars costumes and the entire dining room was decorated.

On Friday, we had some special visitors. Kimberly and Caroline brought in their foster kittens for everyone to meet. They were very cute, cuddly and a great addition to our Friday. The 6th graders visited again to work on their assignments for their practice maps. They were researching and creating a project for a topic of their choice. Some topics that were picked were Horses and Honduras.  This week was very fun and eventful.