IRL Science Festival 2017

                       IRL Science Festival


On Saturday, Oct. 14,  there was a free  public event called the Indian River Lagoon Science Festival which was held near the Indian River Lagoon. At the Science Festival our school had its own booth. At the booth we had pieces of paper to make cell models that kids could draw and write on, then they could fold it into a hexagonal shape to build a honey bee comb.  We had teachers and students volunteer to work at the booth.

Everyone that was at the booth looked like they were having fun making the cells. All the kids that came to our booth seemed like they really enjoyed drawing and writing at our booth. While everyone was working at the booth, more 150 kids visited the booth, which was pretty exciting. This year we decided to have our booth theme around honey bees  because we were invited to dress as bees for the first annual Procession of the Species.  

We also had many children from our school dress up as honey bees for the parade that was held.  Parents held up huge flowers while walking with the kids in the parade. All the kids and parents looked like they were having a lot of fun participating and looking like honey bees and flowers.  I think everyone who went to the science festival had lots of fun being there and visiting all the different booths. It’s an amazing thing that it was a free public event to teach kids and some adults about science while having fun at the same time.