Visit to the Port Saint Lucie City Council Meeting

PSL Special City Council Meeting 

On Friday November 2, our middle school class went to their first council meeting in Port Saint Lucie. We are studying government in many forms and we thought it would be great to learn about our own local government by taking a trip to a council meeting at City Hall. The Urban Land Institute and the PSL City Council representatives, including Mayor Orovac and many PSL City staff members, were there to discuss an important development project in the Southern Grove district near Tradition.

We learned a lot about the project’s history and possible future. We also learned how the government runs meetings.

After the Council meeting we all got to take a tour of the Port Saint Lucie police station. We learned about how police officers do their job to protect the city. We also got to learn about their equipment and how they use it. A few students even got to go in a real police car and use the speaker radio. The police station was a good learning experience and was very fun for the whole class.

After the Police station we went out for lunch to Casa Amigos in honor of Day of the Dead, which is a day celebrated throughout Mexico. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed their meals.