Ranger Visit

During our last  extension Friday, we did more than a typical extension Friday. We had some workers from the Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park come to the school, show us what they do, and treat us to some storytelling and history lessons relating to the Treasure Coast.


Ranger Joe and Ranger John came to Sun Grove and treated us to some history about Fort Pierce through storytelling. They told us it’s called Fort Pierce because during  WWII the mosquitoes were so bad that they had to build a fort to keep them from getting in their mouths and their noses. They also shared the history of the Navy Seals in our area and encouraged us to go the Seal Museum to learn more.  


Their job involves saving wildlife like sea turtles and panthers. Unfortunately, the Florida panthers are getting close to extinction. We asked about creating a Teen Ranger program for older students but it sounded like it would be a complicated thing to do and would involve a lot of paperwork.


We were invited to come and see Ranger Joe and Ranger John at the Florida Inlet State Park in the future.