Sungrove Feast 2018

On November sixteenth the middle school and elementary classrooms made pumpkin pie. The rest of the classrooms prepared for the feast. The weather was lovely on the feast day of 2018. The middle school helped out the elementary by setting up and helping make pies and rolls. They set up the tables with the Upper Elementary and the parent volunteers . West and East primary shook butter and snapped beans. Elementary made and baked the rolls and pumpkin pie with the help of middle school. They also made the cranberry relish, cut celery, chopped onions, and peeled potatoes. The students were organized into random groups to make and bake. West and East primary shook butter and snapped beans.

The middle school handed out flyers for movie night 2018 and Making Christmas bright. It has also become an annual tradition and service project for the middle school to do the Devereaux’s Make Christmas Bright project. Deveraux has a list of children in the foster care system and we make “wish tags” for parents and students to choose from. During the Thanksgiving Feast, we hung the tags on the divider and put it outside. Families purchase the item and when we have all the presents a pickup is scheduled and we help load them into the truck. Almost all the tags were taken and there are still a couple left. The elementary classrooms performed small showcases on the day of the feast. Lower elementary performed an alphabet musical, where each of the students held a sign with a letter on it and they said things they were thankful for that started with that letter. The upper elementary students practiced for their small showcase, which was a wax museum. They dressed up as important and influential people throughout the ages and told information about their character to the parents. The peacemakers they dressed up as were from all over the world and from different time periods.