Vero Beach Museum of Art

Today we went to the South Florida Art Museum where we first went on a walk, and then stopped to play on the playground at Indian Riverside Park. After going to the playground, the museum staff allowed us to have lunch in a small area inside the museum. It was decorated for the holidays and very beautiful.

After lunch, we were met by our guide, Ms. Shanti. Before beginning our tour, we were given a clipboard with papers showing all the art we were going to observe. During an observation at each piece of art, we were asked to explain what we interpreted and were asked to draw and explain the art on each paper. As we examined each work of art we followed the instructions given to us and participated in follow up discussions. Once the tour was over, we then gathered our belongings in the lunchroom and left for school. In conclusion, we had an amazing time to bond with friends and overall was a great trip.