Street Beat Kids & "Camping Trip"

On January 19th, 2016 the Middle School students took a field trip to see a traveling show known as “Street Beat”. This exciting show included two men playing on a drum set that was made of recycled materials such as; trash cans, paint buckets, and rope totes. This show was entertaining and had a lot of performer-audience interaction. Everyone had a lot of fun. 

Afterwards, Middle School students and teachers loaded up the vehicles for the annual Camping Trip. While Ms. Terri was checking in, the students played tag on the playground. After exploring our potential sleeping options for the next few days, The Middle School classroom decided as a team that our camp site was too muddy, exposed, and cold so we practiced flexibility and decided to head back to school. 

Here is a picture of Svetlana Stephens, Vivek Talati, Kimmie Fryar, Grace Dermody, Alex Slayne, Caroline Locke, and Kimberly Locke playing cards. It was intense, but everyone who played can say that the game was a lot of fun! 


Down below is a cozy picture of Svetlana Stephens, Ms. Sam, Vivek Talati, Kimmie Fryar, Grace Dermody, Kimberly Locke, Alex Slayne, and Caroline Locke eating our home cooked meal of chicken, potatoes, onions, and delicious peppers!

The newly dug fire pit that you see here is a work-in-progress. and is the soon to be, new and improved Middle School fire pit!


After the first night of sleeping over at school, the Middle School students and teachers went back to the Savannah Recreation Center to use their pavilion to build a doghouse!

Here is a picture of Kimmie Fryar cutting a piece of wood for her part of the doghouse! Erynn Back, Grace Dermody, and Mrs. Sam are inspecting her cut.


We have so many great photos of the construction of the doghouse, that I can’t just choose one!

Here is another picture of Ms. Sam showing/explaining how to use this particular wood cutter to Svetlana Stephens, Caroline Locke, Vivek Talati, and Jack Fraser.









At the end of the day, this is what we accomplished! Big thanks to Mr. Andy (Ms. Terri’s brother) for his behind the scenes work, use of tools, and for guiding us to build this amazing doghouse! Once we put the final touches on it such as; adding a front porch and painting or staining, it will be a welcome donation to the Humane Society of Saint Lucie County! 


Written By: Svetlana Vina Stephens