School Wide Open House

Open House #3
The picture above has Viren and Vivek Talati discussing the books the books middle school students have to read. The middle schoolers read books like The Number Devil and the Lord of the Flies.

On January 22nd, the entire school set up an open house in order to welcome new families and show the younger students what they would be doing as they get older.  It was a big hit amongst parents and students alike. In the middle school the students presented some of their work from this year, some work of the years prior, and even some of the things we do in cafe. The elementary and primary rooms also presented the work they do during the day and some projects they have done from this year and from some years prior.  

In the Middle School Vivek Talati, Kimmie Fryar, and Alex Slayne explain the different projects to Viren Talati and Michael Jennings while Erynn Back speaks with Ms.Karin about the middle school math curriculum. 

The parents and students walked through each of the classrooms and learning how they do things and what they do on a daily basis. It started usually in either lower elementary or primary (depending on the age of the student), then they would go through upper elementary, and end in middle school and the middle school cafe. The students and teachers in each classroom talked about their curriculum and projects with parents and students.

The parents and students were pleasantly surprised with how well we had our classrooms put together. We received many compliments on the presentation of our school. The students showed a ton of excitement towards learning about the classes they would be heading to in the near future.  Parents were impressed and ecstatic when going through the different classrooms while they asked questions and learned about the different environments their offspring were entering.



Written by Alex Slayne