Middle School Team Building

River Ranch Blog 8/30/18–8/31/18

The middle school students went to River Ranch as a bonding trip. They started their day with a trust activities where they were taught that if a person doesn’t do their part then everybody will fall. During one activity everybody held a circular rope and each person had to pass to the other side of a log without touching the ground. After we finished all the activities we went our rooms to put our personal belongings away before gathering in a cabin to prepare and eat our lunch.  After this, we went back for another team building activity but had to wait for stormy weather to pass before we could enjoy the outdoors again.

On the Second day we work up early, packed up and met at the lodge again to prepare and eat our breakfast. We went to the main lobby to participate in an “Amazing Race”. Three teams were given a golf cart and instructions that led us all around River Ranch in a race to the finish line. Clues took us to participate in fun activities and it was a favorite for many of us. We ended our morning with lunch but not before visiting the petting zoo where there were many animals like a white tailed deer, llamas, horses and more.