First Week in Middle School

In the first week of middle school we participated in ice breaker activities every morning. For example, on the first day passed a beach ball to each other and answered questions that helped us learn new things about each other. Another day they all had a little pile of m&ms and each color represented different questions to answer and learned some new things, like an embarrassing moment or one of the happiest moments. We also did an activity where we practiced ordering ourselves without using words. This helped us to see how we worked as a team without using verbal communication.

On the first day of school we received our school supplies for the school year and had fun putting our names on different things with stickers. We also decorated our lockers, put names on them, and organize the inside of our lockers to our liking. We also chose community jobs and learned about projects that need student managers including Cafe, Yearbook, Community Service, General Manager, Trips, Events, and PR/Communications.

We also took time to learn how to use Google Drive and Google Classroom and Google Drive for future assignments.  We use Google Apps for Education to make documents, spreadsheets, flyers and more. When we begin a new topic of study we use a document called a “map” which helps us organize our assignments and study for each cycle. On Friday, we had a photography lesson for perspective and I would say everyone felt it was a good first week of school.