Holiday Blog 2017

     Holiday Blog


During the month of December the middle school and Upper Elementary students participate in the classic tradition of Secret Santa. Everyone has their own stocking with their name on it then they pick an envelope to figure out which person’s stocking they’re going to put a treat or special gift in for a few days until the Sweets exchange.


Sweets exchange is an event for elementary and middle school students which takes place the last day of school before Winter Break. Everyone makes a treat for the person they had for Secret Santa. On the day of the Sweets Exchange the first person gives their person they have the sweet they made for them then the person they had would give thee person the have the sweet they made for them then it would keep going until everyone gets their sweets and finds out who had them for Sweets Exchange and Secret Santa.


The Middle School students also have their own Holiday Feast that takes place the last week before Winter break.  Where all the middle schoolers board members and middle school parents are invited to. All the middle schoolers decide what food and drinks they want to serve everyone. They also cook all the food for everyone on the day by themselves. Middle schoolers also do invitations and RSVPs for everyone thats invited to the holiday feast so they know who and how many people are coming to make name cards and arrange tables for everyone who comes.


What also happens in the month of December is Saint nicholas and Saint Lucia. Saint Nicholas is a well known tradition every December, where all the middle school students help prepare goodie bags with an orange, a mint, and a chocolate coin. In the morning of Saint Nicholas day every student puts one of their shoes outside on a bench then all the middle school students puts one  goodie bag in each students shoe.


We also have Saint Lucia which is a holiday at school where the oldest middle school girl dresses up as Saint Lucia. All the middle school students go to all the classrooms to serve hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls to all the kids. While Saint lucia tells the kids her story.


     Everyone who participates in Secret Santa, Sweets Exchange, and the Holiday feast has a fun and happy time doing it. Which gets everyone super excited to do it again the next year.