Mosquito Impoundment Trip 

Today we went to Bear point sanctuary and met with Mr. Richard, Ms. Kirsi, and Ms. Wren to learn about some of our local ecosystems and the mosquito impoundment located there. We learned that they use water to defend against swamp mosquitoes that lay their eggs in the mud. Then we were split into two groups. One group learned about bird watching and the different types of Mangroves in the area and the other group went on a hunt to jot down all the different types of plants and animals they could find. The two groups consisted of both Upper Elementary and Middles School students. The bird watching groups were provided with binoculars to help them see or find birds. On the way to the observation deck, they found a few spiders and crabs. The other groups searched for animals and one encountered a small wintering bird named a Warbler. When they started the deeper search many students seemed to encounter the same species of crab, named Fiddler Crabs. After a day full of learning we went to Jaycee Park to enjoy a nice picnic and the beach. When lunch was over some students played in the park and others went into the water to cool off. This was a perfect chance for students in other classrooms to bond with each other.

Learning from Ms.WrenMr. Richard teaching us how they fight off mosquitos

Thank You, Ms.Wren, Ms. Kirsi, and Mr. Richard!