Yearbook Palooza 2016



On July 18th three middle school students and two teachers left on a happy note towards Orlando for Yearbook P20160719_083622[1]alooza. The one and only Yearbook Palooza was a great learning atmosphere. This educational experience was put together by Herff Jones. It not only showed us how to design our yearbook, but gave us tips on photography and social life.

We learned about many types of yearbook designs and how committed some people or schools are. My favorite class was Steve Kent’s cla20160719_115634[1]ss. The name of it was “The best of the best”. It talked about how much effort some schools put into their yearbook and how they became the best yearbook in the country. My favorite person was another student named Isaac. He inspired me because he spent his whole life working on it. Not only did he do it at school but he worked at it at home and would go out into the community to see what was going on. He definitely inspired me to work hard at yearbook and it will actually pay-off in the long-term.

20160719_152549_HDR[1]Tuesday was a day full of workshops. We learned about marketing and for us it seemed like flyers might be the best option. They told us to make big, vibrant flyers and switch them out every 2 months. We participated in a class on middle school design and learned about photography and how to not only focus on things in school, but to consider focusing on student’s outside life. We really enjoyed “Your phone photography” and spent 30 minutes taking pictures and entered them in a contest but, unfortunately did not win. My favorite class of the whole trip was Design 101 because it was the more hands on and less lecture. We designed a spread using paper and magazines and won 3rd place in the design contest we entered! I had a great time in that class.

On the last day of our trip we were excited to finally design our front cover with a digital artist! We spent 30 minutes trying to draw out our ideas and then we went to work. When we had a cover design that we were all happy with, we loaded up and traveled back home.  

By: Viren Talati 7th Grade