St Lucia & St Nick

Each year the Sun Grove middle school students carry on treasured school wide holiday traditions. These traditions teach about holidays in other countries.

The Oldest male student in our class, Cole Trainor, dressed up as St Nick and visited each classroom telling them the story of this holiday from Europe. Another tradition is that each classroom puts their shoes outside in the morning, and the Middle School students fill their shoes with one tangerine,a chocolate coin,and one mint.

         St Lucia

Our oldest female student in our class, already participated as St Lucia last year so one of our new middle school students, Audra Axley dressed up as St Lucia and told the story from Italy and Sweden. Each class gathers at tables and the middle school students fill cups with hot cocoa and gives every student a small roll.


Thank you to Ms.Brittany, our Administrative Assistant, for coordinating some of the supplies and the schedule. Students look forward to these traditions and find them fun. The middle school loves to go and celebrate these holidays with everyone else.m n