Ropes Trip Daysprings Conference Center Bradenton 2015

The Middle School Class visited Daysprings Conference Center to participate in team-building exercises, the ropes course, and tree climbing. The day we arrived we did multiple team-building activities so that the instructors could see IMG_0168how well we work together. Mr. Lynn (our instructor) was very impressed and Mr. Terry (who was being trained) timed us after we figured out our 1st challenge. We ended up not being able to solve one challenge, but Kimmie Fryar and Grace Dermody solved it at dinner. The rooms were fitted with eight bunk beds (16 beds) and they were very spacious. We went on night hike after dinner and it was relaxing yet fun.

The next day we had breakfast and went straight to the high ropes course which Mr. Lynn had shown us the day before. First, he had to tell us about all of the equipment and he reassured us by telling IMG_0126us that the rope could hold up to 5,000 lbs.  Another reassurance was that there would be multiple students on the ground holding the person on the pole using the rope. The pole itself was about thirty feet in the air, but it felt like you were sixty feet in the air.  Once you got on the pole it was very fun and you had a great view of Mother Nature. This is a picture of Vivek Talati jumping down from the pole and Angelina Slayne hanging as the team on the ground brings her down.



After this, we did what we called “The Ladder.” It is a very large ladder and the rungs gradually get farther apart. Everyone had to get in pairs and attempt to climb it as a team. It was very challenging, yet it was great to work as a team to get to the top. We used the same equipment as the other activity so we all felt safe. Mr. Lynn also gave us tips as we moved up.

After ladder climbing, we had lunch, and then we went tree climbing, but this wasn’t your normal tree climbing. To get there it was about a five minute walk, so it was very secluded. The tree itself was amazing and large. The ropes came down and were similar to the onIMG_0205es on the Catwalk (Pole). It was really cool but if you did not use the proper technique you could get blisters. Mr. Lynn and Mr. Terry showed us the proper technique, though some of us still got blisters. The view was really cool because you could see everything in that general area using the advantages of an aerial view. After we finished, the question was asked “Would you come here again?” All of the students agreed that they would all go there again, but sadly, we go to this location every other year. This night we had free time so we all relaxed and played some board games. We were all very sleepy, being that we had done so much that day. 

This trip was the most fun field trip that any of us have ever had. We thanked Mr. Lynn and Mr. Terry very much, because they taught us so much and showed us how to work as an even better team and we had fun doing it. We also would like to thank the Daysprings Conference Center for accommodating us. We were all very excited before the trip. At the end we were all sad yet happy because we learned so much, but we had to leave.