Yearbook Palooza 2015

Yearbook Palooza was an amazing experience that taught us to appreciate “All the Small Things”.  We learned about eDesign, Writers Workshop, how to correctly take pictures,yb1  edit pictures, and more.  Mr. Steve Kent was very helpful with his speeches and this event was organized well.  We appreciate all of the time and effort that the teachers gave to this event. 

eDesign is the computer program we use for yearbook and it is a wonderful way for students to create and design. Several of our seventh grade students attended and saw eDesign for the first time. We didn’t bring our computers, so we completed our design assignment on paper. We learned how to properly design and layout a page.

The writers workshop class was very fun. Mr. Joe Humphrey was a very good teacher,  and he taught us how to bring writing for yearbook to the next level. He had us write out a movie clip as though we were writing a book from a movie.  Mr. Humphrey had a good sense of humor which made this activity fun.                            

In the phoyb2photography class at Yearbook Palooza, we learned how to take a perfect yearbook picture.   We used our class iPad and cameras for a contest that taught us what type of lighting is needed for a good picture, what angle takes a good picture, and where the the subject should be in the photo.

The students who were able  to attend this year’s Yearbook Palooza learned “All the Small Things” that will help with future yearbooks!

Written by Caroline Locke and Grace Dermody