Indian River Lagoon Science Festival


On September 26th, the Middle School and Upper Elementary students teamed up and ran a booth at the Indian River Lagoon Science irlscience2Festival. At the festival there was a variety of hands on crafts and activities that explored all the different areas of science. Our booth was about making the participants realize that you can’t always see the population in water.


The first thing that we did was show the participants the green colored water and ask them if they would drink the green water; the answers varied. Then we would have the participant pour the water into a filter, and then they would look through a microscope and describe what they saw. The green water was regular drinking water colored unnamedgreen. The next step was showing them a bottle of disgusting pond water and asking the participant if they would drink it; the common answer was “No, that water looks gross”. Then the participants would pour the water through the filter and look at it up close with the microscope. The last step is giving the participant a sheet of paper which gave them an outline of the experiment so they could recreate the science experiment at home.