Barnes and Noble Book Fair


On September 18, the Middle School students held a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble for our school. The Middle School students set up different stations at the book fair such as, bookmark coloring, cookie decorating, and a reading station where Cat in the Hat helped out! Our book fair was really popular, and looked like the kids were having a lot of fun. We were able to bribe the Cat in the Hat with cookies that the kids decorated to come to our book fair, she was a real hit! (Don’t tell the kids) but the Cat in the Hat is really Angelina Slayne and here she is reading to Eli and Enzo Sarasola.

Copy of IMG_0304



The kids decorated a bunch of beautiful bookmarks. At first, bookmark making was slow, but then all of the kids got excited about it! It seemed as though the little ones enjoyed picking between markers and colored pencils to make their unique masterpiece. Knightly Duris-Goski really concentrated on her bookmark and it turned out awesome!






Cookie decorating was always busy but then resulted in a giant mob of sugar induced little kids terrorizing Barnes and Noble. In some cases, the cookie was bigger than the their face! They were able to put whipping cream, sprinkles, and frosting. Here in this picture right from the cookie making station, Eva Cuti was especially excited about her cookie. Just look at that cute little face!

Overall The Barnes and Noble book fair was a big hit, and the Middle School raised about three hundred dollars. We were able to buy each classroom a new book! Congratulations to The Trotter family who won fifty dollars; have fun buying books from Barnes and Noble! We hope that everyone who came had a lot of fun, and is excited to come next year!