First Middle School Extension Friday

Extension Fridays in middle school allow us time to work on yearbook, event planning, outdoor projects, and more. Sometimes alumni students join us and help with projects so they can get community service hours.

One of the projects we worked on in addition to working on our school’s yearbook, was refurbishing a bench for the school’s upcoming action.  What we did on our first extension with the bench was to rip out the old stuffing and put in new stuffing, then we put on the new fabric we choose.


Other projects we worked on were 3d printing, including some things like key chains and cats as well as other items. In the afternoon we worked on a digging and preparing a temporary fire pit. First we removed some bricks from the past fire hole and dug it out, then we weeded around it so nothing would catch on fire. Then we put the bricks around the fire pit and filled it with kindling  and wood for s’mores.


On Extension Fridays we also prepare dinner and eat together. On this evening we prepared a pork loin, some mashed potatoes,and vegetables. Around 6 pm we ate with the Head of School, Kate Winters and our alumni guests. 

Later we went out, prepared a nice fire and enjoyed eating our s’mores.

After this we cleaned up and led a community meeting for the parents who came to pick us up.