Cafe 2017

        Cafe 9/12/17

September 12th was the grand opening of Cafe it was good that there was a lot of people for the first day. The First day was a pancake to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We raised over $100 for the Red Cross.

On our first regular Cafe day, we picked jobs from Smoothies, Eggs, Distributor, Ovens, Server, Cashier, and Floater. Each of these jobs have a unique advantage. With smoothies you can make your own personal healthy drink. Eggs are one of the main things in cafe because without eggs there wouldn’t be EBC’s (Eggs,Bacon,Cheese.) The Distributor is the main man/girl because they give everyone their food. The person that helps the Distributor is Ovens. Ovens gets all the biscuits and meat items cooked and into the pan.

The server has a hard job, he/she has to memorize faces and last names to get food to the correct people. Even making sure there’s enough salt, pepper, napkins and syrup on all the tables, but before that he/she has to wipe down all the tables to make sure the’re clean for eating.  The cashier is the one making sure all our guests pay for their nice breakfast meal. But you kind of have to be good at math to calculate how much to give and to get back, but there are many percents involved with it sometimes.

The Floater is the person that is a all around helper. He/she helps with all jobs but sometimes takes over certain things if a student isn’t there on time or that day. The Floater needs to have an idea or needs to know how to do the job he/she is doing. The time Cafe starts is 7:45 the window closes at 8:15 and ends by 8:30. We cleaned up then we ate our own breakfast.

We use the profits from our business for middle school trips, materials, projects and more.