The 2017-18 Ropes Trip

The 2017 ropes trip was an amazing bonding experience for the Middle School Students. This was the first overnight trip of the year and we were all excited. Ms. Rossella had even volunteered to bring her appetizing Italian meal for a snack in the car. We got off to a great start and just kept that going. We played lots of games, participated in many bonding games, and even got to balance 40 feet in the air. We got so comfortable that one student decided to trust the rest of the class to cross a log 40 feet in the air blindfolded only doing what the class told him to do. We had class meals, talking about how much fun we were having and what was next on the list. We also did an individual activity where we had to climb a tree with a harness more than 40 feet in the air!! There were hammocks in the trees, 30 feet in the air, where we got to relax after the hard work of getting up there. We even worked together to solve an impossible riddle that our awesome tour guide gave us. Together we were able to solve it. We walked the grounds and learned about different plants and even learned how to survive in the wilderness. We ended the great adventure with a night by the pool playing volleyball and having fun.