We Follow the Child

We Follow the Child

Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and developmental approach to learning is the framework at every level of our school’s programs.  The Montessori curriculum is shaped by three key concepts central to Montessori education:

For this curriculum to be truly implemented in a way that achieves the full potential of the Montessori approach, it must be supported by: careful preparation of each learning environment; Montessori-trained adults who integrate concepts into life experiences; guides who present in an effort to inspire the learner; and adults who observe and follow each learner’s interests, needs, and strengths.

This model is based on an international curriculum that is aligned with International standards and state standards.  Each overview introduced is based on the pedagogical principles that emerged from the pioneering research and insights of Dr. Maria Montessori. Modifications have been made to adapt to American context where applicable. 

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Our Approach

Our community understands the importance of demonstrating a true love and respect for children.  They are committed to role model the characteristics of honesty, integrity and genuine courtesy.  They are also trained in the skills of observation and have undergone an extensive course of training in the Montessori Method at one or more age levels. 

Our educational program is carefully designed to prepare students for further studies and life.  We encourage independence, self-direction, and making appropriate choices.  We teach children to value their relationship to their living world and to each other.  We are committed to character, values, and diversity.  Sun Grove Montessori School is a close-knit community of students, educators, parents, and community partners.

We hope to aid our students in becoming individuals who can establish healthy relationships and achieve happiness in their personal lives. We give them tools to solve conflicts effectively and fairly and to express their feelings in a healthy manner.  

Our program is organized as a thematic and integrated approach with organized series of lessons or key presentations that are carefully created to meet the needs and interests of each child based on readiness, desire, and his or her unique stage of development.   Lessons or experiences given simply and concretely in the early years are re-introduced several times over succeeding years with increasing levels of difficulty and abstraction.  At all age levels, the teacher is a guide who works to inspire further study and the discovery of connections through meaningful activity. 

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