Camping trip

On March 13, our Middle School classroom took their annual camping trip to the Savanna Recreation Area campground. During the first day of camping,  parents drove us to the campsite to unpack our belongings and bikes and to say goodbye. After everyone had their bags and belongings we set up our tents to sleep in. Setting up the tents was quite difficult at first, but we eventually got them up and secured. After the tents were up, some of the students hopped on their bikes and around near the campsite for a while and others  tried kayaking . At lunchtime the lunch cooks set up a make your own sub station. After lunch, Ms. Terri’s Brother Andy Parmelee, had a station set up for us to work on the bridge for the graduation ceremony. The bridge took a while to to build but once it was done it looked really good. After we built the bridge, we had walking tacos for dinner and then smores over the campfire. After a good hardworking day everyone went to sleep in their tents

On the second day, we woke up and had breakfast and free time to ride bikes, hike or do other activies. After we had fun for a while, we shined up the bridge and sanded it. We also worked on repurposing fall fest games for Sun Grove’s upcoming spring fling. The rest of the day the we played, relaxed and enjoyed nature again before walking and biking  the two plus mile trail at the savannas. At lunch time we cooked hot dogs over the campfire and for dinner we cooked burgers over the campfire.


The final and third day we woke up, had a great breakfast and packed our personal items and learned how to take down and fold up our tents.. At noon our  parents arrived at the campsite and took us home to our beautiful showers and cozy beds.