Week of March 20

This week, we returned from our Spring break, and we all shared our adventures. The Talati brothers went to Cuba and learned about their culture and economy (and of course the 70’s life style). The Dermodys visited Houston to see family and the Houston fair. Svetlana Stephens went with her family to Georgia and visited her family as well as visiting the Atlanta Aquarium and the Coca Cola Factory. These were just some of the trips some of our students went on during their Spring Break. Once we got to school, we had our weekly meeting and got straight to work on our new cycle. We started our Career and Personal Exploration cycle This is our last Humanities cycle, and we were very excited to have a fun and eventful cycle. A huge part of this cycle is a internship with a person in a field which interests the different 8th grade students. We were all planning for our internships, and these were all of the 8th graders’ plans. Vivek Talati planned on interning a wealth manager in Stuart. His thoughts about the experience were “This internship gave me more information about the finance industry, which is something that I am looking at as my profession.” Jack Fraser was setting up an internship with a day-trader. Svetlana Stephens made plans to intern with employees at the St. Lucie County Humane Society and the Humane Society Thrift Store. Her thoughts on the experience were, “I thought that working at the Humane Society is very educational and that the people at the Humane Society work very hard.” Caroline Locke talked to her parents about shadowing them. Kimberly Locke contacted a pottery artist to intern with her. Her experience was, “I learned about the business of running a studio and the fun parts. It was very interesting and I learned a lot.” Kimmie Fryar made plans to intern with her mom, who works in the front office at Sun Grove.  The last but not least 8th grade student, Grace Dermody talked with her mom on interning with her, who owns a pediatric dentistry office. All of the students also created a vision board, which showcased things that the students like and things that they see in their future. We all also took a personality test, to see what jobs are good for people with similar personalities, and to see a description of us. We all found that the personality that was matched to us described us almost perfectly. The information about each type showed us who we didn’t get along with, and who we did, and described what conversations intrigue both parties. We all had lots of fun this week, and can’t wait for the last two and half months of school.

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