Reasons to Give

Just a few reminders of what makes Sun Grove Montessori so special!

  • 3-barbara-montessori-waySun Grove was founded 38 years ago! That’s quite a milestone in today’s world!
  • We now have generations of families whose children have attended Sun Grove!
  •  Montessori schools begin with a deep respect for children as unique individuals.
  • They work from a deep concern for the children’s social and emotional development.
  • Montessori schools are warm and supportive communities of students, teachers, and families. Children don’t get lost in the crowd..!
  • Montessori consciously teaches children to be kind and peaceful.
  • Montessori classrooms are bright and exciting environments for learning.
  • Montessori classes bring children together in multi-age groups, rather than classes comprised of just one grade level. Children stay with their teachers for longer than one school year period. This allows teachers to develop close, long-term relationships with their pupils, allows them to know each child’s learning style very well, and encourages a strong sense of community among the children.
  • Montessori classrooms are not run by the teachers alone. Students are taught to manage their own community and develop leadership skills and independence.